Thermal Cat Mat

Are you looking for a warm spot for your cat?
Ideal spot for warmth-seeking cats or small dogs. Try one of these non-electric thermal cat mats to let your kitty have a snuggly nap. It is designed to keep cats warm and comfortable without the use of electricity. Its lightweight core reflects your pet’s own body heat back to the animal, providing him a comfy bed to rest on regardless of how cold it is outside. It is made of a durable material which can withstand clawing and chewing, thus keeping your pet feeling warm and secure all year long while giving the owner peace of mind that kitty is warm! Not only cats, but also you can use it for kittens, aging pets, nursing females, or animals recovering from illness or injury; giving them the absolute decadent comfort they need. Check out some of these comfortable and cuddly thermal cat mats.

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